Since 2014, we have been sending premium quality greeting cards to our customers' clients.
Our objective is to make each recipient smile, and in return to get our customers more referrals.



Our mission is to provide our customers with a very basic tool in maintaining great personal relationships in business. We believe, strongly, that maintaining great personal relationships is the key to success - this being specifically true of referral-dependent businesses. E-mail Blasts are too often missed, or just as often, they are perceived as impersonal.

By trusting in Covered Calendar's tested, streamlined processes, you can evermore easily bring customized greeting cards into your clients' hands - handcrafted and delivered by Our Team - on your behalf!

We are geared toward the forward movement of amazing businesses and the services they provide to their own client base.
We hope we can alleviate the pressures, year round, of reminding your clients you are there for them and that they are appreciated, so you can focus on what your business does best!

Here, we think we can help build and just as easily help you maintain that bridge between your company and your valued client.