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Just Regular People Helping You Find Gifts And Make Greeting Cards

Who We Are

We're just simple folks from New Jersey with creative minds. We like to spend our time thinking of awesome ideas and bringing those ideas to life. That's how covered calendar was born. After hearing of friends forgetting to get family and friends gifts all the time, we decided there should be a service that not only reminds us, but also helps us act upon them. We're owned and operated by Oghn Group, LLC but with our own personality. We're quite relentless, so that only benefits you when we find you the perfect gifts!

What We Do (For Personal)

Our process is quite simple. You pick a date and we'll go find an awesome gift or make an awesome greeting card and send it to you or for you. You'll set a budget and we'll make the most of it. The best part is that you can completely personalize it and then give the final approval! Once all set, we'll send it to you to give to your recipient or we can just send it to your recipient directly! With us, you not only get reminders that important dates are approaching, but also acting upon them!

Convinced? Get started by clicking here to sign up an important date!

What We Do (For Businesses)

For businesses, we offer a complete solution to client mailing management. A lot of folks are switching to email blasts, but let's be honest. A lot of people just send those emails straight to spam or trash. If "no one" sends physical cards anymore, you can differentiate yourself by sending them! For as low as $1.49/per card, you get a customized card, premium envelope, postage and we'll ship it out for you! We'll design a greeting card that includes your logo, address, number, and email, all while sticking to a theme that is appropriate for your industry. Just send us your mailing list and we'll manage it! If you're not interested in cards, just let us know when you sign up and we'll find a gift that fits your business for your clients!

Start connecting with clients and patients here or ask to request a sample and we'll design some ideas for you!

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