The Custom Bundle

Flat $2.29/ea.

This is a more personalized bundle. This bundle includes:

> Mailed Sample Sets & Easy Editing 
(We send you hard copies of our Sample Cards!)
> A Custom Card Design 
(We can tailor it to your preferences and to each occasion.)
> Personalize with Your Logo
(We include a befitting greeting jingle + Your Company's Logo inside each Card!)
> Print & Production
(We do this In-House to quality control, A-Z!)
> Envelope
(We label each envelope to your respective client.)
> Postage
(Let us take care of this for you!)
> Scheduled Timely Delivery
(We won't need a reminder from you, for each Card!)
> Personalize More:
- Add/Edit Your Own Message.
(Our Team specializes in copy-editing in English and a few other languages!)
   Your Company's Logo on the tail page of each Card, a second time, including Contact Info.